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    Excel is one of the finest reporting tool in the analytics world. Every analyst is must start with Excel as their first analytics tool to progress further.

    Course Curriculum

    Session - 1
    Excel introduction to excel navigation process 00:00:00
    Excel data reading by identifying dimension and measure fields 00:00:00
    Excel data connection to flat files to database connection 00:00:00
    Session - 2
    Excel summary analysis using basic and advanced pivot 00:00:00
    Excel summary analysis using advanced pivot 110 options 00:00:00
    Excel slicer dashboard 00:00:00
    Excel power pivot 00:00:00
    Session - 3
    Excel data manipulation using formula and functions 00:00:00
    Excel expressions using arithmetic expressions and if then logic 00:00:00
    Excel Functions 00:00:00
    <ul> <li> Lookup reference functions </li> <li> Character functions </li> <li> Numeric functions </li> <li> Datetime functions </li> </ul>
    Session - 4
    Excel automated dashboard using advanced charts and VBA automation 00:00:00
    Live projects from Real time industry experience 00:00:00