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MS Access First step to RDBMS


    Get the first step into Relational Database Management System Knowing access we can get an understanding of query writing, joining and relationship data model designing. It is good to have access knowledge before entering in SQL, SAS, R and Python.

    Course Curriculum

    Session - 1
    What is Database? 00:00:00
    What is table and data types in designing columns? 00:00:00
    Concept of RDBMS 00:00:00
    Data Importing and Exporting in Access 00:00:00
    Session - 2
    Access Queries (select, maketable, append, update, delete, crosstab, union and union all) 00:00:00
    Session - 3
    Joining tables ( Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Left Null, Right Null, Full join, Un-Matched Join) 00:00:00
    Relationship (one to many, many to one, one to one, many to many). Data Model designing using fact and dimension tables 00:00:00
    Keys (Primary Key, Foreign Keys, Composite/Candidate Keys) 00:00:00
    Referential Integrity 00:00:00
    Session - 4
    Access Functions and Expression 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>If then Logic, Character/Numeric/Data time functions</li> </ul>
    Projects with industry real time data analysis experience 00:00:00