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Data Analytics and Data Science business services for proactive business solutions

DV Analytics can deliver end-to-end data-centric solutions for your organization by sourcing your operational as well as transactional data. The source data is then combined to design a complex data model, based on your business requirements. We can provide solutions for a variety of your business problems, all the way from production to customer satisfaction, and guide your organization towards the goal of profitability.

We start from OLTP to ETL mapping and use statistical inference towards strategic actions using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Your data may come from a different set of sources such as flat files, SQL server, or even an API. Our data analysts can create an ETL pipeline to automate the process of collecting the data. After which, we aggregate and standardize the data to ensure that it is ready for further analysis. Our experts then validate the data for quality and accuracy. Subsequently, our data analysts create the best action plan as a business solution for your company by using various statistical approaches such as Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Deep Leaning, and so on. Thereafter, our data visualization experts create dashboards and present our analysis.

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What is Data Analytics and how is it helpful?

Today’s world runs on data. Be it the data of your purchase history, the data related to your expenditure, or even your most recent searches on the internet, data is everywhere. From big companies like Google and Facebook to small or medium businesses, data is collected by most of them. The collected data can help these companies make better business decisions. However, the data that they accumulate is in raw format, which is not meaningful unless it is interpreted. This is where Data Analytics comes into picture. Data Analytics helps companies to analyze and interpret the raw data and extract useful insights for business. By finding patterns in the historical data, companies can solve problems or challenges, and obtain valuable information about business operations.

What is Data Analytics as a solution?

Since data is everywhere, the possible applications of data related decisions are infinite. Nonetheless, on a broader perspective, the insights of raw data that companies obtain after analyzing it, helps them drive smart business decisions. Systematically analyzed raw data can make a company well informed to meet the customer’s demands. These decisions can position the companies a step ahead of their competitors by predicting what the market is expecting. With the help of data, organizations can make better decisions for the employees, for the whole company, and for the customers.

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