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About DV Analytics

DV Analytics, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading data science training and consulting firm. Founded by industry experts, our mission is to empower every graduate with expertise in data science, fostering employment opportunities. We firmly believe that data science offers significant employment prospects both domestically and internationally.​
Our experienced professionals bring extensive experience in guiding various industries, providing tailored solutions through cutting-edge data science and analytics techniques. Leveraging programming, automation, reporting, visualization, advanced machine learning, and generative AI solutions, we assist organizations in overcoming complex business challenges.​

Why DV Analytics​

For Students

At DV Analytics, our core values revolve around education, engagement, and employment. We understand that Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates information technology and information science. Through hands-on project experience across various industries, candidates gain invaluable practical knowledge. This not only equips them with theoretical understanding but also prepares them to be productive resources upon entering the corporate sphere.​

Our students success is our top priority. We ensure their journey involves:​

At DV Analytics, we are committed to nurturing talent and facilitating their transition into successful data science professionals.​

For Corporates

At DV Analytics, we are dedicated to providing corporates with highly skilled and productive resources that bring significant value to their organizations. Our meticulously vetted candidates are prepared to seamlessly integrate into the workforce and possess the necessary qualities to successfully deliver assigned projects.​
Prior to engaging with corporates, we conduct thorough research into industry requirements and candidate skillsets. Our team actively sources resources from various portals and conducts initial screenings to ensure alignment with corporate needs. Additionally, we provide training and project engagement opportunities to equip candidates with the expertise needed for immediate contribution, enabling corporates to benefit from a quick turnaround time while saving costs and resources.​

Corporate Benifits.

DV Analytics is committed to excellence in providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our corporate partners.​

4 Steps to Become a Data Scientist

Our Training Modules –​ Live Online/Offline Classes

Advanced Program in Industrial Data Science (APIDS)​

APIDS (Advanced Program in Data Science and AI Skills) offers a comprehensive learning experience encompassing a 360-degree approach to industry applications in data science and artificial intelligence

APIDS equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various roles within the data science and AI domain in banking, telecom, retail, e-commerce, insurance, life science, pharma and other industries

Eligibility: Any graduates, postgraduates, Masters, PhD holders, and working professionals with a minimum graduate degree.

Duration: 6-8 Months

Skills Covers:
DBMS Programming Skills – SQL, Python, SAS, PySpark and Scala

Data Analysis & Visualization – Excel (Base and Advanced), Alteryx, Tableau and Power Bi

Data Mining– Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Generative Ai, Prompt Engineering, MLOps

Cloud Computing– AWS, Azure and GCP

Offered Roles: 
Data Scientist, Data Analytics Consultant, Reporting Specialist, Business Analytics Consultant, Data Engineer, ML Engineers, Ai Specialist, Ai Architect, Data Science Principal Consultant

Salary Ranges:
• Freshers – 8-10 Lacs PA
• 1-3 Years Exp – 10-15 Lacs pa
• 4-8 Years Exp – 15-35 Lacs pa
• 8+ Years Exp – 35 lacs + pa

Advanced Program in Data Analytics

APDA (Advanced Program in Data Analytics) is a specialized training program designed to equip participants with comprehensive data analytics skills, paving the way for roles such as reporting specialists and analytics consultants​

APDA empowers individuals with the expertise needed to excel in diverse roles within the data analytics domain, catering to a wide range of educational backgrounds and professional experiences data analytics and consulting in banking, telecom, retail, e-commerce, insurance, life science, pharma and other industries

Eligibility: Any graduates, postgraduates, Masters, PhD holders, and working professionals​ with a minimum graduate degree.

Duration: 5-8 Months

Skills Covers:
DBMS Programming Skills – SQL, Python, SAS, PySpark and Scala​

Data Analysis & Visualization – Excel Base and Advanced, Alteryx, Tableau and Power Bi​

Data Mining – Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, & Prompt Engineering

Offered Roles:​ Data Scientist, Data Analytics Consultant, Reporting Specialist, Business Analytics Consultant, Principal Consultant- Data Analytics

Salary Ranges:
• Freshers – 6-8 Lacs PA
• 1-3 Years Exp – 8-12 Lacs pa
• 4-8 Years Exp – 12-25 Lacs pa
• 8+ Years Exp – 25 lacs + pa​

Advanced Program in Cybersecurity
and Forensics

Our Advanced Cybersecurity and Forensics Course teaches you to protect systems, networks, and programs from digital threats. Learn techniques for securing sensitive data, preventing breaches, and ensuring business continuity. Key concepts include confidentiality, integrity, and availability, covering firewalls, antivirus, encryption, MFA, and security awareness. Specialized areas include network, information, application, operational security, and end-user education.

Eligibility: Any graduates, postgraduates, Masters, PhD holders, and working professionals with a minimum graduate degree.

Duration: 4-6 Months

Skills Covers:
Cybersecurity Fundamentals:
Understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management.
Ethical Hacking: Penetration testing, network security, and ethical hacking techniques.
Digital Forensics: Incident response, evidence collection, and forensic analysis.
Programming Skills: Python, C++, and Java for scripting and automation.
Security Tools: Mastery of tools like Wireshark, Metasploit, and various forensic software.
Cloud Security: Securing cloud environments on AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Regulatory Compliance: Knowledge of GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks.

Offered Roles:​
• Cybersecurity Analyst
• Ethical Hacker
• Digital Forensics Investigator
• Security Consultant
• Incident Response Specialist
• Network Security Engineer
• Information Security Manager


​Salary Ranges:
Freshers: 5-8 Lacs PA
1-3 Years Experience: 8-12 Lacs PA
4-8 Years Experience: 12-35 Lacs PA
8+ Years Experience: 35+ Lacs PA


Data Science Training Applications

Data Science Buisiness Applications with sqlserver
Tableau (2)

Training Highlights & Student Benefits


Embark on a 6-8 month immersive journey into data science, mastering a comprehensive array of skills and applications through hands-on industry projects.


Open to graduates, post-graduates, masters, and PhD holders from any discipline.

Live Training

Access live classes seamlessly, whether online or offline. All sessions are recorded for your convenience, available on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Real-time Industry projects

Immerse yourself in practical industry projects, gaining invaluable experience to excel in interviews.


Craft your resume under the guidance of industry mentors, maximizing your chances of being shortlisted by top companies.

Soft Skills

Get command to your English communication and develop soft skills for people interaction


Appear mock interviews with industry expert before getting into the corporate world

Job Referal

Gain access to job references to boost your prospects in the corporate world.

Our Faculties & Student Mentors

Data Science Course in Bangalore

Debendra D Das
MBA in IT and Business Analytics, FPM from IIMB and International School of Business Research (ISBR)

Mr. Das comes with 18+ years of Industry experience into Data Science field. Have worked across Healthcare, Telecom, Retail Market and Banking Credit Risk domain. Trained more than 1800 data science resources across corporate and individuals for more than a decade now. Skilled and delivered industry-specific data analytics as a solution to DBMS reporting, Visualization and Automated actions for strategy building using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Corporate Experiences: UHG, Tata, IBM, HP and HSBC

Venkat Reddy Konasani
MSC Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)

Venkat holds rich industry experience as an applied Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Venkat has 12 years of experience as a Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Venkat has 6+ years of experience as a Corporate Trainer. He has handled nearly 100 corporate batches. He is the author of the book “Practical Business Analytics Using SAS” and “Machine Learning and Deep Learning using Python and TensorFlow”. He has experience in credit risk model building, market response model building, social media analytics, and machine learning.

Corporate Expirence: HP, HSBC, CITI BANK

Students Reviews

Ranjit KumarRanjit Kumar
17:20 17 Mar 24
Dv analytics is the most rated data science course training institute in Bangalore
01:08 15 Mar 24
Its been 2 months I was getting training from the Dv analytics it is really a best data science training institute.Their Placement assistance is really help us to get a job in short period and experience.
Laxmi Jyothi ChallaLaxmi Jyothi Challa
10:22 14 Mar 24
As a student, DV Analytics Training Institute has been a revelation! Their reputation as the best data training institute with placements is well-deserved. The hands-on learning approach, coupled with industry-relevant curriculum, prepares you thoroughly for the challenges of the data science field. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering support in securing placements for their students. With DV Analytics, I not only gained invaluable skills but also the assurance of a promising career ahead. I highly recommend DV Analytics to fellow students looking to embark on a successful journey in data science course.
Enrolling at DV Analytics Training Institute was the best decision I made for my career in data science course! They truly live up to their reputation as the best data training institute with placements in Bangalore. The quality of education provided is exceptional, with experienced instructors guiding us through every step of the learning process. What impressed me the most is their dedication to ensuring every student lands a job in their desired field. From resume workshops to mock interviews, DV Analytics goes above and beyond to support us in securing placements. I'm grateful for the opportunities they've opened up for me and would recommend DV Analytics to anyone serious about a successful career in data science course.
laxmi Tlaxmi T
09:34 12 Mar 24
DV Analytics surpassed my expectations as the best data science training institute in Bangalore. The focus on machine learning, practical projects, and career development is commendable. The incorporation of programming skills and certifications enhances the learning experience. The institute's strong emphasis on placements is reassuring, offering promising opportunities. In summary, DV Analytics is not just an institute; it's a transformative journey towards a successful career in data science. Highly recommended!
Gaurav RathoreGaurav Rathore
10:42 14 Feb 24
Best in-class institute for all data driven skills.
Karthik MutyalaKarthik Mutyala
09:09 31 Jan 24
Dv analytics is a good place to learn Data science enhance our technical skills. My experience at this center was really great. good training environment, Friendly work culture, supportive management.
Prasantika MohapatraPrasantika Mohapatra
05:43 27 Jan 24
DV Analytics Training Institute boasts a friendly work culture that fosters collaboration. The training environment is conducive to effective learning, with supportive instructors and a management team that genuinely cares about your success. A fantastic place to grow your skills and build a solid foundation for a successful career.
tarun somisettytarun somisetty
04:14 23 Jan 24
Good institute Well experienced faculties. It is the most rated data science training institute in Bangalore. They have a great team of teachers. Appreciate the fact that doubt clearing sessions are conducted regularly. Dv analytics is also great platform to solve queries.
Vivian PeterVivian Peter
13:17 18 Jan 24
Brings out the best in an employee. Provides multiple opportunities and avenues to excel. The management has been supportive of new ideas therein enabling a diverse learning curve. The overall culture of the organization is grounded and the fostering in a pleasant manner. The people in charge have set the standards high by practicing a hands on approach. Highly recommended for budding professionals to explore DV Analytics as a career option.
Sri RangamSri Rangam
10:33 13 Oct 23
Certainly! DV Analytics stands out as the best data science training institute with placement support. The comprehensive curriculum, expert trainers, and hands-on projects provide a robust learning experience. The institute's emphasis on real-world skills and industry connections ensures students are well-prepared for the job market. The dedicated support staff and effective placement assistance make it an ideal choice for aspiring data scientists. I am grateful for my experience there, and I am now confidently pursuing a career in data science, all thanks to DV Analytics.
Gopala Krishna PillaiGopala Krishna Pillai
13:03 10 Dec 21
The college is very good. Very helpful. Very good place for learning. Staff is helpful. Training is also good. Got placed in just 1 month after the training.Thanks for all the support.
venu gopalvenu gopal
12:42 13 Nov 21
After doing lot of reviews/ speaking to referrals, I have taken up the Data Science course at DV. The curriculum is structured keeping in mind a newbie who is planning to enter the Analytics world. An induction program is conducted at the beginning of the course to give an overview of what this program is all about, what to expect at the end of the program. The best part of the program is the mentoring/ personal attention, as the batch size doesn't exceed 20 . And, of course, the placement assistance- there are no tall promises, just an assurance that you will get placed provided you put in the effort (going through the class material, submitting the assignments on time etc.) - which is a reasonable expectation. Overall, I am happy with my course progress and would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of a career in Data Science
Kondapa NaiduKondapa Naidu
08:43 13 Nov 21
I am really happy to be a part of DV Analytics. i am from Non-IT background but after doing my assignments i gain lot of knowledge related to my course. self paced videos were good enough for a beginner to gain knowledge about the course. Support team work 24*7 basis. They respond us quickly after the ticket has been created. Each and everyone in the support team has helped me a lot with patience to solve my query.
Shreejil PVShreejil PV
08:38 13 Nov 21
Great place to learn! Dev Sir is very committed to every student's success. They have started offering online classes since the pandemic began. All classes are live, and all doubts are clarified. The class material and assignments is more than adequate for you to grasp all concepts. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in Data Science.
Akshay AsatiAkshay Asati
08:36 13 Nov 21
Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Recording facility is excellent for revising. Course was practically and informative. Dev Sir is enthusiastic and great teacher. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning in Data Science world.

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