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Spark and Scala with Bigdata Framework


    We live in data world and being a data scientist we must understand the data structure to be managed and analyzed. This course help you to understanding complex architectures and the skills like Scala and Spark how to manage and analyze Bigdata. You will learn here Scala programming and spark2.0 dataframes for reading data and manipulation. Using spark managing Bigdata process and spark on AWS and DataBricks

    Course Curriculum

    Session - 1
    Understanding data structure and the concept of Spark Bigdata framework 00:00:00
    Scala IDE overview and installation process in OS 00:00:00
    My first programming in scala 00:00:00
    Scala programming step -1 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>Variables and values, data types, Strings and basic regex, operator and expressions, Tuples</li> </ul>
    Scala collections 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>What is collections</li> <li>Lists</li> <li>Arrays</li> <li>Sets</li> <li>Maps etc</li> </ul>
    Session - 2
    Scala Programming step – 2 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>Flow control (if the else if), Loops, (for and while), Functions</li> <li>Data reading and accessing various file formats</li> </ul>
    Session - 3
    Spark dataframes with Scala step-3 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>Introduction to spark dataframes</li> <li>Dataframe overview</li> <li>Spark Dataframes operations</li> <li>Group by and aggregate functions</li> <li>Missing data treatments</li> <li>Date and time stamps</li> </ul>
    Dataframe projects 00:00:00