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SAS Base and Advanced Programming


    SAS (Statistical Analysis System). SAS is a business application software which is used for DBMS and reporting, visualization and data mining purpose. To begin with SAS we must start with SAS data manipulation using SAS programming.

    Course Curriculum

    Session - 1
    SAS Jargons and navigation though SAS PC ad SAS EG windows 00:00:00
    Create first dataset using cards and Datalines 00:00:00
    SAS programming step. SAS libraries/datasets and variables followed by criteria 00:00:00
    Get familiar to sas data types and reading sas into sas using proc import and export, infile and file statement. Connecting to database using proc SQL connect 00:00:00
    Session - 2
    SAS Library and Datasets descriptions 00:00:00
    SAS options and statements using keep,drop,rename and where etc 00:00:00
    If then and then do statement 00:00:00
    SAS user defined formats. Data transposing using SAS 00:00:00
    Session - 3
    SAS vertical join- appending tables and scenarios 00:00:00
    SAS joins and relationship. SAS merging vs SAS SQL join 00:00:00
    SAS fact and dimension table data model designing 00:00:00
    SAS relationship concept 00:00:00
    Session - 4
    SAS loops and arrays 00:00:00
    SAS first. And last. 00:00:00
    SAS functions (Character, Numeric and Datetime) 00:00:00
    Session - 5
    SAS Summary report (Proc means, summary, univariate, freq, report and tabulate) 00:00:00
    Session - 6
    Introduction to SAS SQL 00:00:00
    Retrieving data using 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>Select, statement and clauses Where, Group by, Order by, Having clause SAS SQL Options</li> <li>How to create a new table from an existing table</li> <li>Altering table, creating index and views</li> <li>Use of case and when statement</li> <li>Update query, Updating a Table with Values from Another Table</li> <li>Delete query</li> <li>Appending Table</li> <li>SAS SQL Join, Except and Intersect</li> <li>SAS SQL advanced sub-queries by examples</li> <li>Creating macro variable using sas sql</li> </ul>
    Session - 7
    SAS Introduction to Macro Facility 00:00:00
    Creating my first macro using parameters 00:00:00
    Understand the concept of macro statement, options and functions 00:00:00
    Creating Macro Variable using %Let, Keyword and Positional parameters, Call symput 00:00:00
    Macro debugging options 00:00:00
    Conditional macro statement 00:00:00
    <ul> <li>%if   %then</li> <li>%do   %end</li> </ul>
    Macro Expressions 00:00:00
    Macro Quoting 00:00:00
    Macro Functions 00:00:00
    Storing and using of Macros 00:00:00